How to Make Hamster Wheel Quiet?

Different peoples in this world have different tastes in everything. In the sector of ‘Pet’, we all are different from each other. Some like their pets to be active and playful. Also, there are some who like their pets to be calm and quiet. 

Less noisy pets like rabbits, hamsters, and turtles are no less popular than dogs or cats. But there are always some things to consider. For example, if you have a hamster in your house, then you are the one of them who likes your pets to be calm and quiet. We all know that hamsters need a wheel to run. And here the problem arises- the noise from wheels can be really a pain in the neck.

How to Make Hamster Wheel Quiet?

You can make the hamster wheel quiet by relocating the hamster’s cage, changing the wheel, separating the cage, lubing the wheel, or by teaching your hamster to run slowly.

Stay with the article to know more about their running and wheel.

Do Hamsters Need A Wheel?

Well, hamsters are prey animals. In the wild, they run and walk a lot at night to find food. Running and walking are a kind of exercise for them. 

However, when a hamster is your pet, it doesn’t get the chance to run or walk like in the wild. So, a wheel is needed for them to run and exercise. But it’s not necessary.

If you can manage your hamsters inside your house or allow them a playpen, they can run and have their minimum exercise. 

How to Choose The Perfect Wheel for Hamsters?

There are a lot of wheels in the market. From cheaper to the most expensive, you may find them all. But, expensive wheels are not always the perfect ones.

When you are ready to buy a wheel for hamsters, you need to check a few things-

  • Durability 
  • Stability 
  • Good quality 
  • Hygienic 
  • Hamster friendly 
  • Wide radius

Hamsters run a lot on the wheels. Sometimes it seems hamsters are born for running. So, you should buy a wheel that is durable and bear the pressure of running. Try to check the materials of the wheel so that hamsters don’t feel unstable while running. The plastic should be of good quality, and it should have a wide radius so that when a hamster runs on it, the hamster doesn’t have back pain.

Making A Hamster Wheel Quiet (Step by Step)

So, after you purchase a good quality wheel, you keep the wheel inside the cage. But that’s not enough. You should take care of the wheel, too, as you do to your hamster.

Just follow the steps, and you can make the hamster wheel quiet.

Relocate the Hamster Cage

If you hear squeak squeak sounds from the wheel of the hamster, your nights are ruined without any doubt. Who likes that anyway! No one, right? 

So, you can relocate the hamster cage to a place that is quite far from your room or living place. If the hamster runs and the wheel sounds a lot, most probably you can’t hear the noise anymore.

Change The Wheel

It’s better if you can change the wheel. The wooden wheels are more likely to be silent than the usual wheels. Also, there are some wheels made of rubber. They are silent too. However, the wheels you change should have enough grip so that your hamster doesn’t fall off.

Lube The Wheel

This step is the easiest step. If you hear any noise from the wheels continuously, you can just lube the wheel with some oil, vaseline, or grease. Lubricating the wheel will also enhance its life. You should lube not only the wheel but also the axle and hinge. Just drop some sloppy liquid on the wheels, and it will move like new.

Teach Your Hamster

You can teach your hamster to run slowly and when the wheel makes noises, the hamster can stop. But teaching a hamster is too difficult. So, you can follow the above steps to make their wheels quiet.

Things to Consider

If you are already an owner of hamsters, then you know they are sensitive animals. You must take good care of them as well as their toys and cage. When you use any lubricants, your hamster may try to lick or nibble on the liquids. So, if the liquid is oil or vaseline, then the chance is more acute. And if you notice anything like this, then use pepper sauce to prevent hamsters from licking.

Final Words

As you’ve come to this last, then I can assume you are pretty much worried about the noise coming from the hamster wheel. You were asking in mind how to make hamster wheel quiet? Now you know the tips. So, follow them and let your hamster a noise-free running.

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