Will A Rabbit Attack a Hamster?

If you want to keep two different animals together in your home, then you must consider some things and follow some tips. Following that, if you have pet rabbits already and you want to bring hamsters, then this post is just for you. Though rabbits and hamsters both look alike, there are many dissimilarities.

From their food habits to lifestyles, everything is different.

So, will a rabbit attack a hamster? To know more, stay with the article to the last.

Will a Rabbit Attack a Hamster?

Yes, a rabbit may attack a hamster. To act territorial, for defensive behavior, or just your rabbits don’t like the hamsters beside them and may attack.

So, how to keep pet rabbits and hamsters together?  Is it possible? Stick to the post to know the best.

Hamsters vs. Rabbits

Hamsters and rabbits are totally different in nature. As there are some small breeds of rabbits like hamsters, people get the wrong idea by assuming they are similar. However, the reality is quite the opposite. Hamsters and rabbits do never match. Let’s see their basic differences.

Body Size

The first difference is their size of bodies. Rabbits are larger and of more weight than hamsters. Though there are some dwarf rabbits that are smaller than usual rabbits but still they are not similar to hamsters.

Rabbits can be 10 to 15 pounds in general whether the hamsters can reach only 0.220 to 0.330 pounds.


Rabbits and hamsters have the most vital difference in their food. Rabbits are herbivores and hamsters are omniverse. That means there are a lot of differences, right?

Rabbits only eat grass, hay, vegetables and pellets. But hamsters eat more than these. Even their pellets are also not the same. Where a rabbit needs a lot of hay but a hamster doesn’t need hay for living. It’s kinda toy to them! Chewing toy.


Another significant difference is their activity. Rabbits are social animals. They need other rabbits or other small animals to live happily. A pet rabbit needs an owner’s attention and cares too much. 

Well, hamsters need care and attention too. But not the same way rabbits do.

And how is that? That’s because hamsters are not that many social animals. They like to vibe alone. Even a hamster needs much more time than a rabbit to make a good bond with its owners. 

Why Does a Rabbit Attack a Hamster?

So, as there are many differences between these two animals, there are a lot of chances of fighting. Though rabbits don’t intentionally attack hamsters, there can be some serious situations when a hamster can be attacked by a rabbit. Because of their differences, if a hamster and a rabbit come close, their stress level rises up. And as hamsters don’t like other animals nearby, when a rabbit appears toward a hamster, the hamster could get frightened and try to attack the rabbit, and that time rabbit could attack the hamster too!

Will A Rabbit Kill A Hamster?

Rabbits and hamsters are both prey animals. That means they are always scared and concerned about their surroundings. These two animals don’t have much to protect themselves. But rabbits are quite stronger than hamsters.

Rabbits use their claws and teeth to attack any animals. And they do this for any predator. 

Hamsters are not predators of rabbits. So, if a rabbit ever attacks a hamster, that will not probably kill the hamster. Instead, it would be an act of suppressant.

As both of the animals are territorial, there could be a chance of competition too. And as a result, a rabbit might attack a hamster. Hungry rabbits are more aggressive. If a rabbit is hungry for quite a long time then it becomes furious. So, at that time, if the rabbit notices any hamster close to him, he might attack the hamster instantly.

A mother rabbit is more territorial. The same goes for pregnant rabbits too. This territorial behavior is very much intensive. Keep your hamsters far away from mothers and pregnant rabbits.

How to Stop Rabbits from Attacking Hamsters?

So, if you have already come this far, then I can guess you are pretty much worried about your hamsters and rabbits. And after reading these, are you scared to pet the two animals? 

Don’t worry. There are certainly some steps to follow to stop rabbits from attacking hamsters.

Cage Separation

Never keep the rabbits and hamsters in the same cage. Rabbits can’t be friends with hamsters. And hamsters also don’t like any other animals near them.

If you try to keep these two in the same cage, then you are going to face some serious issues.

So, never keep them in the same cage EVER!

Different Food Bowls

You should never feed the two animals in the same food bowl. Hamsters and rabbits should have their own food bowls.

If you try to feed these two in the same bowl, the rabbit might attack the hamster to show dominance. Also, their foods are not the same. So, if a rabbit ever eats any hamster food, it may start having digestive issues. The same goes with the hamster too.

Give Your Rabbits Space

Your rabbits need a lot of space. A bored rabbit is more likely to attack a hamster. Allow your rabbits to play and run inside or outside of the house. This will most probably keep them joyful, and they will not be aggressive.

Keep your hamsters entertained in their own way. You can give them wheels, chewing toys, and some tidbits to have fun inside the cage. 

Distract Your Rabbits from Hamsters

Never allow your rabbits to get attracted by your hamsters. Rabbits will not be able to understand the hamsters. They will think the hamsters are kind of toys, and for that, they might attack the hamsters just to play.

Keep your hamster cage away from rabbits. You should not pet only one rabbit. Rabbit needs another rabbit for company. If there isn’t any, the rabbit will be bored and attracted to the hamsters, which is not a good idea.

Different Playpen 

And obviously, you should keep rabbits and hamsters in a different playpen. Rabbits run and toss around a lot. When a rabbit has a playful mind, it’s more active than usual and that’s a lot more than a hamster does. So, if their playpen is the same then it’s a big problem.

By following these steps, you might be able to stop rabbits from attacking the hamsters and also able to keep your rabbits and hamsters in the same house safely.

Can Rabbits and Hamsters Stay Together?

No, don’t keep your rabbits and hamsters together to stay. If you think they will manage to get along, it’s a bad idea. Hamsters won’t be able to bear any rabbit near them. A hamster even doesn’t like to stay with another hamster!

Also, as rabbits are quite larger than hamsters, they will try to show their dominance to hamsters. As a result a fight is an obvious scene, and your hamsters won’t be able to defend themselves against a rabbit’s attack.

Other Animals to Live with Hamsters

So, there is no doubt that rabbits and hamsters can’t live together. But what about other animals? Are there any other animals living with hamsters? 

Well, first of all, you need to remember that whether there are many animals who need companions to live happily, a hamster does not.

A hamster even doesn’t need another hamster to live. Hamsters like to stay alone which sounds crazy, but it’s the truth. That’s why they really don’t allow any other animals inside their cage. 

Still, if you want to keep any other animals with a hamster, you should try this when the hamster is young. Any young animal is easy and flexible to pet and adapts to its surroundings. 

But still, any other pet animals are quite larger than hamsters. So, an unintentional attack can happen. And if the animal is smaller than the hamster, the hamster will likely attack it.

So, as a result, we can’t allow any other animals near hamsters.

Wrap Up

To err s human and to err s rabbit too. Rabbits are not attacking animals by nature. Still, there are chances when a rabbit might attack a hamster. And this can happen in the wild and in captivity. We can’t say how hamsters manage themselves to protect from rabbits while in the wild, but as long as the hamster is a pet of your own, then it’s your duty to take good care of both animals. You now know the tricks to keep your hamsters safe from rabbits. Just follow them to avoid any casualties.

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