Are Hamster Bites Dangerous?

If you are already an owner of hamsters, then you already know that hamsters bite or tend to bite when you try to pet them or pick them up. Or if you are planning to bring a hamster then you must know hamsters do bite. 

But, are hamster bites dangerous? Or is there no problem? Let’s find out here.

Are Hamster Bites Dangerous?

No, hamster bites are not so much dangerous. Hamsters don’t carry any serious infection that can affect the human body. But it is recommended to wash your hands after your hamster bites you.

Still, if you feel anything unusual, you must seek medical help. And there are some other things to consider. So, shall we begin?

Why Do Hamsters Bite?

Hamsters are cute and prey animals. But they bite. Of course they don’t bite just for no reason. There are certainly some reasons behind this act. Follow the list-


A hamster can bite if it feels sick. Sickness makes them disturbed and aggressive. In this state, a hamster can also feel scared all the time. And if you try to pet them at that time, then it may bite you hard.


If you keep your hamster hungry then it may bite you back at the time you try to pet them. Who likes to be on an empty stomach for quite a while? Nobody. And your hamster doesn’t either. So, before you approach your hand, you should put any food on your hands.


You should always keep your hamster entertained. If they are too bored for a long time, they start feeling angry and then it might hurt you by biting. That’s why you should put some toys, tidbits, and wheels in the hamster cage.


Always remember, hamsters are prey animals. While in the wild, they are always scared of predators and when they are in captivity,  it’s no different. They are still scared like always. So, they don’t understand the situation properly. If you suddenly appear with a sound, they might get scared and bite you.

Too Tight

Sometimes we hold the hamster too tightly and that scares our hamsters as usual. That time, the hamster could bite to run away. Hamsters are sensitive. So, you should also be more careful while petting it.

Smell of Food

Hamsters can’t differentiate between food and hands. If you try to pick up your hamster after something you eat, then probably your hamster is gonna bite you. Why? Just because a good smell was coming from your hand!

Territorial Behavior

Hamsters are highly territorial. It doesn’t allow anyone or any other animals close to their territory. Even if the animal is of their own species! So, following this territorial behavior, a hamster may bite you. Just try to notice where your hamster sits tightly with a defencive mood. If you find anything like this, don’t tend to adore your hamster.

Do Hamster Bites Hurt?

Surely you may feel pain after you get bitten by a hamster. Hamsters have really sharp and strong teeth. And those teeth are quite large too! Like the rats you can say. So, yes, hamster bites are going to be painful anyway.

However, there are many types of hamsters. If you have a small hamster such as a Dwarf hamster and it bites you, then you might not feel much pain. But larger breeds like the Syrian hamster… yes, it’s bite could be much painful and itchy.

What to Do When A Hamster Bites?

Though their bites hurt, fortunately they don’t spread any virus or infection. You don’t need to panic instantly. Just wash your hands and you can apply any antibiotic later. You can use soap too.

If you see any blood from the bites, you may use a bandage then. Any major wound should not be found. Still, if there is any, then you should visit a doctor.

Why Does My Hamster Nibble on Me?

Hamsters can nibble on their owners hand. It’s more likely to be love bites. They just show their love by doing this. Most of the time, this happens at the first stage. Gradually, when your hamster starts to know you, it may not tend to do it again. Still, if it does anyhow, nothing to worry about.

Do Hamsters Like to Be Held?

After getting bitten by our favorite pets, this question comes to mind normally. It’s okay. The issue is not that serious.

However, if you have a smaller breed of hamsters then you should know that they don’t like to be held that much. But if your hamster is one of the larger breeds like European or Chinese or Syrian, then yes, it will love to be on your lap or hands.

How to Handle A Hamster without Getting Bitten?

Handling a hamster is not that hard. Also, you should remember that they are not the same as rabbits or guinea pigs. So, you need to follow some tricks to handle your hamster without being bitten.

  • Do not make harsh sounds when you approach your hamster.
  • Never try to handle the hamster with a smelly hand.
  • Don’t force him to come close.
  • You shouldn’t try to handle the hamster from behind. This could scare the hamster and as a result it may bite.
  • Try some foods on your hand when you stretch your hands towards them. This will lure them to come and sit on your hand.
  • Allow them to have fun with their toys. You should give them a running wheel. Some chewing toys. These things will keep your hamster entertained. A cheerful hamster will not bite suddenly.

Final Words

Hamsters take time to make a good bond with their owner and that’s totally normal. So, if you ever get bitten by the hamster and ask yourself, “Are hamster bites dangerous?”- that’s normal too. But now you know the backstory of their biting. Their bitings are not dangerous. Just trust your pet and be nice to them. Hope you two make a good friendship.

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