The Backstory

Years ago, I was having some time with myself. There was no rush and no pressure from my college. It was just a relaxing time. But you know, I was feeling kinda lonely.

Later on, I was passing by a local pet store, and suddenly a really cute hamster caught me off! The hamster was running on its wheel while looking outside, and I felt that I was getting so much affection for that little guy.

Didn’t have a second thought. I jumped into the store and brought that cute hamster to my home. Or.. I should say OUR home.

However, the problems started after that. I never pet a hamster before.While I was a kid, I had a dog and some bunnies. But the hamster seemed totally different than all the animals I had before.

Hamsters are so sensitive. Much more sensitive than rabbits or guinea pigs! Their food habits, sleeping habits, everything was so different. But I never gave up.

I started studying about hamsters. Started to create a very good bond with my little friend. Surely, it took time but it was worth it.

Now, I have two more hamsters. These three hamsters really make my day and I am so happy with them.

My Goal

Well, as you now know the backstory, you may have already guessed that I faced some problems at first. Yes, I really had. Sometimes I even thought I should stop doing this and give my hamster away.

But as I succeeded, I thought why don’t I start a hamster blog? I could be helpful to the new hamster owners. The difficulties I faced from my blog, others can be helped and don’t face those problems. So, that’s how this site was born.

About Me

Hi, this is Rudolf Jakkel, writer of this site. Good to have you in my website Hi Hamster. I am both a traveler and writer. In this site, all the articles you pass through are my creations from my own experiences. Stay and enjoy with me. Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries regarding hamsters.