How to Find a Hamster Loose in the House?

Every pet animal has its pros and cons. Hamsters are no different too. They are little, but they are so much moving animals. If your pet hamster is squeaky, then it might get lost from the cage. This is the reason you need to know how to find a hamster loose in the house.

This blog post is all about the facts. So, let’s dig in to know more.

How to Find a Hamster Loose in the House?

To find a lost hamster, try to search inside the room first. Check all the small places and dark spaces; check under the furniture, dresser, and even inside your shoe boxes!

If the hamster is inside the house, hopefully, you can find it. But you shouldn’t take too much time. Start finding the hamster the moment you see the cage is empty!

Why Does A Hamster Try to Escape?

Usually, a hamster likes to be inside a cage. It just needs some toys to play with, a running wheel to run, some food, fresh water, and just comfortable bedding. 

Hamsters like to vibe alone. It is so hard to keep two hamsters in one cage.

But there are some other facts you should consider to make the cage more hamster friendly.  Let’s check them out.


Temperature plays a vital role for a pet hamster. A hamster should be kept at a temperature of 20 ℃ to 30 ℃, depending on the weather though. If the cage is too cold for the hamster, it will try to run away. And if the cage is too hot, the hamster seeks to run away too.


Hamsters need a calm and quiet place. If you place the hamster cage in such a place, then there is no problem. But if your hamster is facing harsh sounds, it will make them stressed. A stressed hamster will try to run away from the cage and the place.


Bad odor is not good for hamsters. Hamsters don’t smell, though, and they try to keep themselves clean by grooming. But their poop can make the cage smelly. This smell is quite intense. And the place becomes not good for living. So, the hamster leaves the cage.


A bored hamster will never stay in a cage for a long time. If your pet hamster doesn’t get enough food or playing toys, it will get boring quickly and try to escape the cage.


A hamster needs soft bedding to take a rest. You know, they sleep all day and are active at night. So, bedding is a very important thing for a hamster. If the bedding is not as good as a hamster wishes, it may escape the place soon.

How Long Can a Lost Hamster Survive?

It depends on the size and weight of the hamster. If your hamster is inside of the house, it may survive 3 to 4 days easily. And as the environment of your house is known to the hamster, it can also come back to its cage.

But it’s not a good idea to stay idle and wait for the hamster to come back. As there are many dangerous places for your pet hamster in the house, you must take steps to find the hamster as soon as possible.

Can a Hamster Find Its Way Home?

It can’t be answered correctly if the lost hamster can come back on its own or not. Some hamster owners claim their hamsters came back to their cages. 

If your hamster knows your house well and knows the exact location of its cage, then yes, it can come back safely. 

But if the hamster is new and scared of the new place, we can’t say if the hamster can make it. The hamster can get stuck into many things in the house, even if the hamster knows the whole place.

Where to Find a Lost Hamster in the House?

If your hamster is not lost for a long time, that means it is probably inside of the house. So, the first thing you should do is search the whole house. 

  • First of all, close all the main doors and exit so that the hamster can’t go outside.
  • Start from the room where the hamster is kept. If your hamster is not very old and large in size, it will stay close to the cage.
  • Hamsters love to burrow and hide. So, try all the places where a hamster can hide. 
  • Shoes and shoe boxes can be great options for hamsters to hide. So, check the shoes and socks too.
  • If your place is shabby and cold, your hamster might try to escape and hide in a warm place. So, a heater and cooking place could be another option to check.
  • A hungry hamster may try to go out of the cage to find some food, and if that’s the reason, then the kitchen is the first place a hamster can go. Try searching in the kitchen.
  • Check the narrow places between the wall and furniture. This dark place can also be a shelter for a scared and stressed hamster. 

These are the most probable places a pet hamster can hide after going out of the cage.

Things to Consider

You should take the steps to find the hamster at the moment you notice the hamster is lost. Check your house first but also warn the neighbor and other known people living nearby. If the hamster is loose, it can’t go far. Also, try to keep a sharp eye everywhere in your house not to miss any sudden movement. It can come from your hamster too.

And if all these tricks fail, you can contact your local newspaper agencies to publish lost news for your hamster. This also comes in handy sometimes. 

Wrap Up

No one can guarantee that a hamster will never escape after all the caution and precaution. If you allow everything like food, shelter, toys, and bedding for your hamster, it may still try to escape the cage. But as an ideal owner, you must take steps soon to find your pet hamster gone missing! Hopefully, this article can be helpful for you.

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