How to Trim Hamster Nails Naturally?

Definitely, a hamster is a cute animal both in the wild and in our captivity. Prey animals like hamsters don’t have much physical power to attack other animals or prevent an attack from any predator. 

Hamsters only have paws and teeth just to save themselves from any attack. These paws and teeth are also useful to them for eating and burrowing. If you have a pet hamster already then you know the hamster likes to burrow and hide. 

So, their nails grow up and those nails also need to be trimmed.

But trimming a hamster’s nails is not an easy task. Today we are going to talk about how to trim hamster nails naturally.

How Long Do Hamster Nails Grow?

A hamster’s nail growth depends on its size and food habits. However, a common answer to this question is 1 inch to 1.25 inch. Usually, a hamster’s nails grow between 3 to 5 months. Hamsters keep their nails in balance by grooming. However, you should check your pet hamster’s nails every 3 weeks.

Should You Trim A Hamster’s Nails?

Before we answer this question, let’s see what happens when you don’t trim a hamster’s nails. 

  • First of all, hamsters run a lot on running wheels. They must do it to keep their weight in balance. The running wheels are mostly made of rubber or plastic. If you don’t trim the hamster’s nails, the nails grow bigger and sharper, and that’s when the problem happens. The hamster can get stuck and hurt itself badly. 
  • Another problem is the grooming problem. Hamsters try to keep themselves clean by grooming. But if their nails grow longer, then they can’t do grooming comfortably. There is a chance of getting cut while doing this.
  • The third problem can happen when you try to tame the pet hamster. Generally, hamsters take a lot of time to create a good bond with their owner. When you try to hold the hamster, it nibbles, and the nails can cut your skin really badly. 
  • You have to allow a nice comfortable bedding inside of your hamster’s cage. A hamster needs a lot of sleep as they exercise a lot too. So, if the nails are larger than usual, the bedding can be cut by their nails.
  • If the nails of a hamster grow longer than normal size, they break down and create pain inside out. If this happens, the hamster can’t eat food easily or use its nails to do daily work.

These are the most probable reasons you should cut your hamster’s nails. Larger and sharper nails are dangerous for both you and the hamsters. So, notice your hamster’s nails, and if they grow longer than usual, try to trim them down.

When Should You Trim A Hamster’s Nails?

So, when should you trim a hamster’s nails? To be frank, there is no definite time to trim a hamster’s nails. You should check the hamster’s nails after every 3 weeks. 

You can easily notice if a hamster’s nails grow longer. The nails become yellowish and look really nasty. 

How to Trim Hamster Nails Naturally?

If you feel it is risky to trim your hamster’s nails, you should take help from the vet. But you can trim a hamster’s nails if you and your hamster have a good bond.

Let’s see the steps of trimming a hamster’s nails naturally:

  • First of all, tame your hamster. If your hamster is tamed, it will trust you, and then you can try to trim the nails.
  • Stay patient while doing the whole process. If you become impatient, the hamster will get nervous and might try to run away.
  • Keep a lot of tidbits around the hamster while doing this. Start by giving some tasty treats and lure your hamster.
  • Hold the hamster softly. There is no definite way to hold a hamster. Just hold the hamster as you feel comfortable. Just don’t push too hard. It will scare the hamster. 
  • Most hamsters have transparent nails. Try to give it a closer look. Notice how long the transparent part is. If you see the cloudy area, it’s the position where the nails meet the paw. This part is sensitive and not to be hurt.
  • Buy nail clippers for hamsters from the local pet stores. You can use animal nail scissors too.
  • Always keep healing medicine like painkiller, and styptic powder aside. If any casualties happen, use them quickly. 

Cautions Before Trim A Hamster Nails

Don’t do the whole process in a shadow or shabby area. Bring the hamster to a place where there is so much light.

Don’t force your hamster if you find it is not willing to trim the nails. Go slow at first; if it’s your first attempt to trim the hamster’s nails, then it’s the same for the hamster too.

Keep the vet alert before you do it. If any accident happens, you can rush to the vet as soon as possible. 

Also, don’t leave the hamster nails half-cut. When you use a nail clipper, try to use the best quality of it. And always keep some medicines aside in order to use them when needed.

What to Do If It Bleeds?

Well, an accident could be very normal in this process as hamsters are squeaky animals. But if you are ready to face any accident, the damage can be lessened. Try to use towels if it bleeds. Put pressure against the cut so that it doesn’t lose too much blood.

Use antiseptic lotion or ointment to prevent infection. Try to give a small bandage around the cut so that the hamster doesn’t spread it far. 

Visit the vet as soon as possible, and the vet can take the rest.

Toys to Trim A Hamster Nails

Actually, there is no such toy for trimming hamster nails. But you can put a flat rock inside the cage of the hamster. Hamsters can learn how to rub against the rock and keep their nails trimmed.

If this process successfully works, then it is good news for you.  It could be the most effective and natural way of trimming hamster nails.

Wrap Up

Nails and claws are great for hamsters. Just not to prevent an attack, these nails are useful for eating, digging, and using nesting objects. But if the nails start growing, they become sharper and harmful to your hamster. So, just follow the steps and trim the hamster’s nails.

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