Why is My Hamster Shaking With Eyes Closed?

If you are considering bringing a hamster as a pet then you must know this animal is very low maintenance. But there are some other health issues that can be found. If you are going to be a new owner of a hamster, then you should know the matter. 

One of the most common issues is- shaking. A hamster shakes for different reasons. In this article, we will try to cover the whole fact. Let’s start.

Why is My Hamster Shaking With Eyes Closed?

Shaking of a hamster can be done for several different reasons. Your hamster can shake because of diabetes or can shake just because of a natural life process like hibernation or a hamster can shake just for excitement and excessive anxiety.

Whatever the reason is, shaking is not a common issue for hamsters. This can be a sign of a serious health problem. So, you should find out the actual reason behind your pet hamster shaking.

Do Hamsters Really Shake?

Yes, hamsters really shake. You may not see a hamster shaking all the time. There are some definite reasons behind this fact. If your hamster is new and you tend to touch the hamster then it may shake just because of excitement. It’s not intentional behavior. Their muscles move too fast when they are in an exciting situation and they shake.

Reasons Behind A Hamster’s Shaking

Sometimes the reason behind a hamster shaking can not be so acute, and you can easily handle it. But there can be some acute reasons and you shouldn’t ignore them. 

So, if you know the root cause of shaking, then you can take the right steps. Let’s see which are the reasons behind a hamster’s shaking are:

Fear or Anxiety

Fear or anxiety can make a hamster shake. If your hamster is in any noisy area or the hamster notices any sudden movements then it gets scared. Moreover, if a hamster smells a very bad odor, it still fears the environment and this fear or anxiety makes them stressed and then the hamster may shake while closing its eyes.


Weather and environment play an important role in hamster shaking. If the temperature goes down and it starts feeling cold, a hamster may tend to go into hibernation. Before going into hibernation, a hamster may shake several times. You may also notice fewer activities from the hamster, like the hamster is not playing as usual or running as before. 

This sudden change both in their body temperature and outer side temperature causes shaking. Hibernation can also cause breathing problems. 

Not Enough Food

If your hamster doesn’t consume enough food to gain energy then it may shake. Lack of food makes them weak and as hamsters tend to run a lot on a running wheel or move a lot inside the cage, it loses a lot of energy. If the loss of energy doesn’t get filled up by enough food and water, you may see your hamster shaking while closing its eyes.

Respiratory Infection

The respiratory infection causes breathing problems as a hamster can’t get enough oxygen if it has a respiratory infection. The infection can cause shaking in hamsters and also leads to many serious health issues. How to prevent this? Well, we will talk about it in another section.

Just a Normal Nervous System

Your pet hamster can shake just for a normal excitement. This can happen when you try to touch the hamster. Sometimes, your touch can create stimulation in your hamster, and this excessive stimulation causes shaking. Generally, this happens when a hamster is new in the house. Gradually when it starts knowing you, it may not show this behavior again.

Serious Health Issues

If none of the above causes a hamster to shake, that means your hamster is having serious health issues. In this case, you should not delay much. Just rush to the vet, and hopefully, they can fix your hamster after a diagnosis. 

 What to Do When A Hamster Shakes?

Now you know the reasons behind a hamster’s shaking. So, should you worry about it? 

Yes, you should definitely worry about it if you are a conscious owner. But what should you do when a hamster is shaking? Let’s follow the steps below:

  • First of all, try to find out the main cause behind the shaking.
  • If your hamster is having problems due to temperature, then try to raise the temperature and notice the hamster carefully. If you see the hamster has stopped shaking but trying to escape, it means the temperature has gone too high. Try to balance the temperature, and that should be okay.
  • We have already discussed that strong odor or harsh noise is stressful for a hamster. So, try to take care of these, and if your hamster starts feeling comfortable, it may also stop shaking.
  • Provide some healthy food and fresh water standby near the cage of a hamster so that the hamster is never out of energy. 
  • Make your hamster believe you. If your hamster trusts you, you can tame it and make a good bond. Then the hamster will know the environment around it, which will stop stress or fear in a hamster, and the hamster may stop shaking.
  • If you notice the hamster is shaking again and again after taking care of all these things, then consider the hamster is having serious health issues. You should visit the vet soon to help your hamster.

Things to Consider

A hamster is good at hiding sickness. As a hamster sleeps all day and stays active at night, sometimes we don’t get the chance to check the hamster well. But when a hamster is shaking, it is quite noticeable. And it should never be ignored. 

Final Thoughts

If you have come this far and asked why is my hamster shaking with eyes closed? That means you have already experienced it. Don’t worry; just follow the steps to find out the actual reason, and hopefully, you will be able to take the right action.

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