What Happens if a Hamster Bites You and It Bleeds?

Getting bitten by pet animals is a common scene. For a hamster owner, it is not any different. What we should say is, we hamster owners get bitten more than most other pet owners ever. However, it should not be ignored if you get bitten by a pet hamster or any other pet animal. 

The first time you get bitten, you ask yourself- what happens if a hamster bites you and it bleeds?

In this blog post, we are going to talk about the biting and what you should do afterwards. So, let’s begin.

What Happens if a Hamster Bites You and It Bleeds?

Usually, there is no risk if a pet hamster bites you and it bleeds. But if a wild hamster bites you, then there should be some problems as we don’t know if the wild hamster is carrying any serious disease or not. 

However, you don’t have to worry a lot if your pet hamster bites you. Hopefully, your pet hamster will create a good bond with you, and you can pet him without getting bitten.

What to Do If You Bleed from a Hamster’s Bite?

You should just wash your hand thoroughly with water when your pet hamster bites you. You can use a soap or hand-washer if you want to. 

However, if you feel any itchiness from the biting place then use any antibiotics or ointment. Hopefully it will be better soon, and no infection will arise.

Do Hamsters Bite? Why?

Yes, a hamster surely bites whether it is a pet hamster or a wild hamster. If you tend to hold a wild hamster, you may get bitten by it as it doesn’t trust you and consider you as an enemy.

And for the pet hamster? Yes, it’s the same reason. The pet hamster still doesn’t trust you! 

So, why does this trust issue exist, right? Well, first of all we should look at hamster behavior.

 Hamsters are prey animals. They are tiny and weak by nature. So, most of the time, they try to hide themselves from any predators and stay under a hole or burrow. They come out from the hiding places at night and become active to find food. Still, they are haunted by many nocturnal animals and birds. For this acute reason, a hamster generally doesn’t trust any living being, let alone a human! 

So, yeah, you may surely get bitten by a hamster. And as it is their basic instinct, they can’t get out of it easily. So, you need to be patient and sadly may have to bear many bites from your pet hamster till you make a good bond with it.

Does a Hamster Carry an infection?

Hamsters don’t carry any infection by birth. From the very first time, they are clean animals. They love to groom themselves and stay out of any germs. 

If you bring a hamster from a pet store or any breeder, just ensure that the hamster is well-treated and vaccinated.

If you fear rabies in a hamster, then don’t. Because a hamster that is affected by rabies won’t be able to survive too long and it will also not spread the virus to you.

Do Hamsters Bite Hurt?

Yes, a bite from a hamster must hurt. Hamsters do not have many body parts to survive and attack back. So, their teeth and claws are sharp and strong. If you get bitten by the sharp teeth of a hamster, you may hurt, and it may bleed too!

Does a Hamster Bite When It is Hungry?

The answer to this question is yes; there is a high chance of getting bitten by a hungry hamster. 

A pet hamster tries to stay inside the cage most of the time. It just needs food, water, and some toys to play with. If you forget to refill its food bowl, it may starve for a long time which is not so good for you and your hamster. So, when you try to pet the hungry hamster, it may not go well.

How to Hold a Hamster without Any Casualties?

If you want to hold a hamster without it biting you, you can. Your pet hamster may bite you for the first some weeks; gradually, it will start knowing you and trusting you, then it won’t bite back. So, follow these simple rules:

  • Give your hamster some time to get adjusted to the new environment. 
  • Provide adequate food and water inside of the cage and keep some tidbits outside the cage too.
  • Don’t try to pick the hamster up; instead, you sit or lie down close to the hamster.
  • Try to approach a hamster from its front side so that it can see you and don’t get scared suddenly.
  • Slowly put down one of your hands and let the hamster get on your hand by its own.
  • If the hamster doesn’t get on easily, don’t force it. Try again later.

Wrap Up

So, getting bitten by a hamster is not an uncommon fact. Almost every owner has faced this once in a while. If you are a new owner, don’t fear. A bite from a hamster will not harm you a lot. You may still get some nibbles from your hamster. It is just another sign of love from your pet, hammy!

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