How to Clean a Hamster Cage With Vinegar?

There is no doubt that a hamster is a low-cost pet animal among most other pet animals. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have anything to worry about. As a concerned owner, you have to remember some other things. You should allow your pet hamster a safe place to live in, a playful environment, and a cage without any bad odor. Keeping a hamster cage out of a bad smell is not less important than other things because it keeps both your living place and the hamster cage out of stink. 

So, do you want to know how to clean the hamster cage? You wanna know how to clean a hamster cage with vinegar? Let’s jump into the article to find out the right steps to do it.

Does A Hamster Stink?

Actually, a hamster itself doesn’t stink much. Even a sick hamster will try to groom and keep its body clean. A hamster grooms its body several times a day just to keep smell and dust away from its body.

But the evil thing is their urine and poops! You see, a hamster is really a tiny animal. It eats a lot of food but can’t hold them too far. So, a hamster digests all the food quickly and poops a lot which makes the place stinky.

Moreover, as a hamster lives mostly in the cage in a day, the smell doesn’t come out of the cage. So, you have to clean the cage and keep it tidy.

How to Clean a Hamster Cage With Vinegar?

Cleaning a hamster cage with vinegar is both easy and safe. This will keep the cage out of germs and other parasites. So, if you don’t tend to clean the hamster cage in a complicated way, you can use a bottle of vinegar to clean the cage. Let’s follow the steps to clean the cage with vinegar:

  • First of all, remove all the items from the cage of a hamster. The bedding, toys, wheel, and all other things.
  • Keep the hamster in another safe place. You can use a hamster ball or a hamster carrier for this.
  • Wash the cage thoroughly with the water. The water pressure removes all the urine and poops away.
  • Now, use the vinegar and rub the cage. Don’t use bare hands. You can wear gloves for doing this.
  • If the vinegar smells acute, you can use a soap after a wash. But don’t use strong scented soap. Strong odor is harmful to hamsters.
  • Save the rest of the vinegar to use later.

How Often Should You Clean The Cage?

It depends on how your hamster lives. If your hamster is eating a lot then it may poop a lot which really stinks.

On the other hand, if you feed your hamster a lot of commercial food instead of vegetables and fiber food, your hamster may stink more than usual. 

However, a rough idea is to clean the hamster cage once in a month or twice a week. Vinegar can keep the germs away but not the smell. So, if you want to keep the smell away from the cage, you need to use some soap or deodorizer too.

Wrap Up

So, now you know how to clean a hamster cage with vinegar. Follow the steps to keep your pet hamster germ free and the cage too. It’s your pet, so it’s your duty to give the hamster a happy life.

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