How Much Does a Hamster Vet Visit Cost?

If you have pet animals in the house, then you know they are nothing less than your own children. If your pet is a hamster, then you have to be more careful than usual pet owners. 

No offense, but hamsters surely need some extra care. Besides, you allow them to have a safe living, fresh food, and water you need to visit to the vet too. So, how much does a hamster vet visit cost?

In this blog post, we are going to talk about the whole matter.

How Much Does a Hamster Vet Visit Cost

Though it depends on which service you need from a hamster vet, it also depends on your area and your hamster breed. The rough idea of a hamster visit cost is around fifty to sixty dollars if you are new to a vet. If you need a highly professional vet and your pet hamster needs any serious treatment, then the cost may rise up.

There are also some animal shelters that provide free treatment for hamsters. But that is not always so up to the mark, let alone satisfying.

Does a Hamster Need to Go to The Vet?

Well, it’s not mandatory to take a hamster to the vet or vet check-ups. Hamsters are robust enough and survive almost all the diseases.

But there are some health issues that are serious for hamsters. If your hamster is bleeding, wobbling, or has an accident, then you must visit the vet for sure.

However, if your hamster is feeling stressed, not eating, or making noises, then you can treat the hamster at home.

Common Signs of Hamster Sickness

If you find out the actual reason behind a sick hamster, you can cure the hamster hopefully. So, as a caring owner, you should know the most common signs of a sick hamster. Let’s check the list:

The Hamster is Not Looking Properly

If a hamster is not able to open its both eyes, then the hamster is sick or being sick. If you notice brown eyes, pink eyes, or dust in eyes then your pet hamster is sick. It needs to visit a vet soon.

An Accident

A hamster runs a lot both in the wild and in captivity. When a hamster is your pet, you need to allow him a running wheel. Sometimes, the hamster hurts its legs or paws while running. If anything serious happens, you should visit the vet.

The Hamster has a Wet Tail

If a hamster is seriously sick, it may have a wet tail. A wet tail happens after the effect of wobbling. There are many reasons behind wobbling- bones dispositioned, head injury, and neurological disorder. If you are not sure about the actual reason, then it is time to visit the vet.

The Hamster is Losing Its Fur

A hamster is usually a very clean animal, and it grooms its whole body several times a day. If you find your hamster is losing its fur, then consider the hamster being sick. Parasite and insect attack causes this. So, if you don’t bring the hamster to the vet, then it may go into serious conditions. 

How to Bring a Hamster to A Vet?

So, now you know when you should bring a hamster to the vet. But bringing a hamster to the vet needs some consciousness. Here are some easy steps to bring a hamster to a vet:

  • Use a hamster carrier. Some people may suggest you use a cardboard carrier. But those cardboard boxes are unsafe for hamsters or other small animals. So, use a hamster carrier from a pet store while bringing the hamster to the vet.
  • Teach the hamster to be comfortable with the carrier. Keep the hamster inside the carrier for one or two days. This will make the hamster comfortable inside a carrier.
  • If you visit the vet by car, you should ensure your hamster carrier is secured enough inside the car. Tie the carrier well with the straps.
  • Keep snacks close to the carrier. Hamsters love to chew their favorite food. If your hamster is not feeling well inside the carrier or is not willing to be in it, then you can use some tidbits to lure the hamster.

How Many Times Hamsters Need Vet a Month?

There is no definite answer to this question. Some hamsters may need to visit the vet once a year, and if your pet hamster is facing serious health issues, then you should bring the hamster to the vet as soon as possible. 

It depends on the place a hamster lives, the food a hamster intakes, and the care a hamster gets. So, there is no definite time to visit the vet for a hamster. But as a conscious owner, you should visit the hamster vet once a year to check up on the hamster. 

Wrap Up

A hamster is an animal that you can afford easily. Still, there are some costs for hamsters. If you want to give your pet hamster a long and healthy life, a visit to the hamster vet is also needed sometimes. So, now you know the costs and reasons to go to the vet. Follow the rules and hopefully, your hamster will be okay if it is sick.

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