Why is My Hamster Wobbling and Falling Over?

If you are a hamster owner, you may have experienced your hamster wobbling sometimes. You may ask, what’s wrong with the hamster? Why is my hamster wobbling and falling over? Well, here we are to enlighten you. Stay with us to the end to know more.

Why is My Hamster Wobbling and Falling Over?

Have you heard of the name Parkinson’s disease? It’s a disease that causes brain disorder which leads to some uncontrollable movements such as shaking. Wobbling in hamsters is also the same as Parkinson’s disease. To us, it is Parkinson, and to hamsters, it is wobbling. 

A hamster may wobble because of ear infections, lack of energy, vestibular disease, head trauma, nervous system problems, and some other issues.

Wobbling in a hamster is a matter that you should not ignore ever. A proper diagnosis and treatment is needed for a wobbling hamster.

Reasons Behind Hamster Wobbling

There are some definite reasons behind a hamster wobbling. A hamster may have one reason or several reasons for wobbling. Let’s see the probable reasons:

Ear Infections

There are some serious tiny parasites that can start living inside a hamster’s ears. These parasites can create discomfort in a hamster’s ear, and you may see the hamster wobbling while walking.

Vestibular Disease

If a hamster’s vestibular system may wobble then. The vestibular system works to create balance and control of one animal’s own body. If the vestibule is affected somehow, then it stops working, which causes wobbling in a hamster.

Lack of Energy

Lack of energy can also cause the wobbling of a hamster. If your hamster is not having proper food and fresh water, then it starts losing energy and as a hamster exercises a lot throughout the day, it may wobble if the body is not fully recharged. 

An Accident

You see, a hamster runs a lot on a running wheel almost all night. Sometimes it doesn’t understand the limit and runs a bit too long. This can be a chance of getting in an accident and the muscle or bones getting hurt. And as a result, you may see your hamster is wobbling. 

Nervous System Disorder

If a hamster’s nervous system is affected somehow, then the hamster may wobble. And how does the nervous system be affected? Well, if your hamster stays in a stressful situation for a long time, then this happens. Harsh noises, extreme light, and imbalanced temperature are the reasons that can make a hamster to be stressed.

Can You Notice Wobbling in a Hamster?

Yes, wobbling in a hamster can be clearly seen. You may see the hamster is walking normally, as usual. Instead, it is walking a bit weirdly. 

You can check the tail of the hamster. If you find the tail of the hamster is wet, then consider the hamster is wobbling. Though a wet tail is a result of stress, another strong effect is wobbling. If you see your hamster is having a wet tail and is wobbling, then the hamster needs proper treatment soon.

Different Types of Wobbling Hamsters

Three types of wobbling can be found in hamsters. Those are:

  • Genetically Dispositioned
  • Aftereffect of Head Injury
  • Neurological Disorder 

Genetically Dispositioned

If a hamster is born with wobbling, that means it is genetically dispositioned. The hamster may be unable to produce vitamin E, which leads it to wobble and other serious health issues. If you find out your hamster is wobbling for this definite reason, then rush to the vet.

Aftereffect of Head Injury

A hamster moves a lot. It is one of their basic instincts. Moving and running can cause a head injury by accident. If a hamster’s head is injured, it may be unable to control its own body and wobble.

Neurological Disorder

A neurological disorder is a damage to a hamster’s nerves. All animals have some definite nerves that control their body. If somehow those nerves are hurt or blocked or somehow stop working, then a hamster may wobble.

Whichever the type is, a wobbling hamster is not a good thing. You should check the hamster quickly and take it to the vet as soon as possible.

What Should You Do When Your Hamster is Wobbling?

A wobbling hamster is actually a sick hamster. If you find your hamster is wobbling, you should rush to the vet soon. Why vet? Can’t we do anything at home? 

Well, let’s look at the reasons first-,

  • Ear Mites
  • Ear Infections
  • Tumor
  • Head Trauma
  • Stroke
  • An Accident 

See? These causes are really serious, and there is a high risk if you want to do anything at home to cure the wobbling hamster. So, without taking any risk, you should visit the vet soon to help your hamster.

How Do You Take Care of A Wobbling Hamster?

You may not be able to see a hamster wobble when it is young. But when the hamster starts getting older, it may wobble for different reasons. We have already discussed the reasons. 

But if wobbling in hamsters becomes serious, it leads to a serious health issue called senile tumors. This type of tumor is not curable, but you can definitely comfort your hamster by following some steps.

  • Food Switching: If your hamster is eating hard foods like hard pellets, nuts, almonds, or this type of thing, you can change the food. Try softening the hamster’s food. Provide more fruits and vegetables so that the hamster gets a lot of fiber.
  • Enough Exercises: Make sure your pet hamster is having proper and enough exercise. Its cage should be larger and wider so that the hamster gets a lot of space to play and move. Provide a running wheel inside of the cage so that the hamster can run and get adequate exercise. 
  •  Warm Bath: If you notice your hamster is wobbling or having some trouble walking, give the hamster a warm bath. This warm water will help to loosen up the muscles, and your hamster can easily move around.
  • Less Stress: Try to keep the hamster in a hamster-friendly environment. Less noise or bad odor can keep the hamster out of stress which will comfort the hamster a lot.

Wobbling and Pet Owners

Any pet owner must feel worried if he sees the pet hamster is wobbling. Well, sometimes wobbling is not so serious. A possible reason behind wobbling can be tiredness.

If your hamster is too exhausted, it may wobble sometimes. Just some rest can bring the hamster as energetic as before.

Another possible reason is- your hamster is feeling circling. Circling can happen because of ear infections, head tilt, or any brain disease. 

Why Do Some Pet Owners Love Wobbling Hamsters?

Yes, you have heard right. There are some hamster owners out there who love wobbling in their hamsters. Why?

You may see many videos on the internet that a hamster is wobbling, and the owner found this interesting. Well, as the hamsters are tiny in size, so when they wobble, they look adorable somehow. That makes the owners crazy.

Sometimes wobbling looks like dancing. So, those owners think their hamster is in a happy vibe and dancing. This is fun to watch, and the hamster seems to be happy.

Final Thoughts

Finally, wobbling is not any natural behavior of a hamster. Sometimes it is caused by some acute problems. So, when you ask why is my hamster wobbling and falling over? It’s already late. You just need to find out the actual reason and rush to the vet as fast as you can.

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