Why is My Hamster Trying to Kill Itself?

There are many stories of hamsters being suicidal we hear from people out there. You may have also heard about it somewhere. And if you’re unaware of this, yes, this happened and still happens sometimes. You may have never expected this information, but it is still there.

So, why does a hamster try to kill itself? In this blog post, we will try to search for the answer and reasons behind this fact.

Why is My Hamster Trying to Kill Itself?

Well, hamsters are not suicidal at all. But what they do is make dangerous mistakes. And there are no come back after that. Generally, this happens when a hamster is old age, feels bored, loses its eyesight, and causes other physical damage.

So, keeping a hamster happy and healthy is the most important thing- you can already guess. 

Reasons Behind Sudden Death of A Hamster

Hamsters are sensitive animals in nature. Both wild and pet hamsters have the same behavior and habit. They actually do not like to get along with other animals. They like to stay alone, and that’s the start of some problems. Let’s see what the reasons are behind the sudden death of a hamster.


Hamsters who have already passed a certain beautiful time of their life, start having many issues. That doesn’t mean they intend to die at once. But we can assume that they start losing interest in everything as they get older. Maybe they get a heart stroke discreetly and die.

Bad Eyesight

Hamsters lose their eyesight too quickly than other animals. Losing eyesight, they become weaker than usual. They are prey animals, so they need all their senses to survive. If their vision starts to become blurry, they get scared easily. They don’t know where they are going, and in doing so, they die!


Though hamsters don’t show stress or boredom as rabbits or guinea pigs do. But still, sometimes they feel stressed. You may have seen them biting the cage, making sounds, tossing around, and kicking their sandbox. These are the signs of stress. Being stressed, sometimes they make some serious and dangerous mistakes which lead them to death.


Yes, a common rare disease in hamsters is diabetes. These cute animals suffer the same as humans. They get so thirsty often and pee a lot. They lose their weight, and sudden death is not an abnormal issue. However, there are certainly some ways to provide them with a better diet to balance diabetes.


Neoplasia- cancer in hamsters, is fatal. From the skin to the gastrointestinal tract, this cancer can affect them. If you notice your hamster is losing its hair suddenly and is also losing some of its weight rapidly, then consider it cancer. However, cancer is not a very common disease in hamsters.

Heart Disease

Hamsters get random heart diseases when they start getting older. As they age, their heart muscle starts being weaker than before. This is the time when heart failure happens in hamsters.


Another common disease in hamsters is diarrhea. Hamsters like to have food where they stay. For that, they start making their food and place messy. This is harmful to their digestive system, and they get diarrhea.

Can Hamsters Run Themselves to Death?

Yes, your hamsters can die while running. We all know hamsters like a wheel to run. They can keep running and running almost all day long. Though they find happiness while running and this is kind of a game to them, but still it’s dangerous if they run over the limit.

A dehydrated and weak hamster should never run at all. Sometimes the hamster can not understand the limit and overdo it. And that’s an ending for him! So, what to do? Don’t feel scared. Surely we can help our hamsters here.

How to Keep A Hamster Healthy and Happy?

Alright, as we have discussed the matter of the sudden death of hamsters, we now know the reasons behind their death. So, what do we do to keep a hamster healthy and happy?

Foods and Living

If you want to extend your hamster’s life, you must allow them a balanced diet and a good living. You should manage all the needs of a hamster. Fresh vegetables, fruits, and leafy greens- that’s all they need as foods.

And About living, you should allow them a cage with soft bedding. They always try to stay alone and never compromise their food or resting place for once. And for that, you should keep your hamsters in separate cages. Don’t keep them together.


You can provide some toys in their cage. Hamsters love to chew things. So, chewing toys can be a great companion. You should allow them a good wheel where they can run. They need exercises like in the wild. You can give them some spongy balls, too, so that they can play with those balls. After all, playing is the key to happiness.

Vet Checkup

Hamsters are good at hiding diseases. So, you must observe your hamster. If you find out any unusual, please rush to the vet immediately. They can help you. Also, a regular vet check-up will allow you to find out any internal problems.

A Good Bonding

You must be a good friend of your dear hamster. As hamsters are territorial, they certainly take time to create a bond with the owner. But with patience, you can surely be a good friend to your hamster. Remember, for being a prey animal; a hamster doesn’t trust anyone close to him. So, you should act wisely.


Some occasional treats can jolly up your hamster’s mind. You can give them nuts, fruits, commercial foods, and berries for treats. Feel them that they are rewarded when you give them any treat. This will make your hamster happy.


The death of any pet animal is so sad. We never want to see our little furry friend pass away. But this is reality. While you ask, why is my hamster trying to kill itself? You can definitely find out the reason behind the problem and take a step forward to it.

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