How to Tell if Hamster Likes His Ball?

The hamster ball has gone through many controversies in recent years. There are some people who claim that hamsters like hamster balls, and there are also some people who claimed that hamsters were going to be killed by the hamster ball.

But what about the hamster itself? Does the hamster-like his ball? Today we are going to talk about how to tell if a hamster likes his ball and what are the pros and cons of a hamster ball.

How to Tell if Hamster Likes His Ball?

If you notice that your hamster is staying inside the ball for quite a long time and playing often with it, then consider it as having fun with the ball and start liking it. Also, if you notice the hamster is pooping or peeing inside the ball and isn’t curious about the ball at all, that means the hamster is really pissed off with the ball.

Let’s step forward to know more about this fact.

What is a Hamster Ball?

A hamster ball is made of plastic. Usually, the plastic is see-through plastic. It’s totally round, and there is a hole to get inside. Hamsters can run inside the ball just like they run on the wheels.

This clear ball is also named- runabouts. Some balls come with a stand.

Cons of Hamster Balls

There are so many cons of a hamster ball. Not all hamsters face the same difficulties or problems. But if your hamster doesn’t like the ball, that means it is having any of the issues described below:

Too Small

The ball may be too small for him. As hamsters don’t grow up tall, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t grow at all. Hamsters need to get into the ball through the hole on the ball, but when the hole is small for him, the hamster can not easily get in.

Even if it can get into the ball, it can’t run easily or have fun peacefully. The small ball can hurt their back if they run into it. The balls we find in the pet stores are usually small in size, and that’s totally not suitable for hamsters.

Scarier, More Stressful

We all know that hamsters are prey animals. That means they always try to run away and hide in every critical situation. So, when they are at large, they can run wherever they want and hide wherever they can.

But if you keep your hamster in a hamster ball, they will definitely feel trapped, and that will make them more stressed and scared. So, that’s another con of the hamster ball.

Asthma and Anxiety

Hamster balls have less ventilation than other toys. So, when a hamster is inside of a hamster ball. It will start losing its air as the ventilation is not that good. It also makes them anxious and causes a serious case of asthma. Some hamsters could get a heart attack from it.


Don’t wonder. Hamsters pee when they are stressed or anxious. So, when a hamster is in a hamster ball, it has no option to run. This much running makes them anxious and they pee. The urine doesn’t come outside, and as a result, that urine creates infection in the hamster’s body.

Pros of Hamster Balls

Well, not everything we find in hamster balls is always cons. There are some benefits of hamster balls too. Let’s see what they are.


The hamster balls look so nice and playful. So, your hamster will definitely like the balls. Besides, a new toy is always exciting. However, hamsters take time to understand any new toy. But as soon as they get comfortable, they will like the ball.

Alternative to Wheels

A hamster ball can be an alternative to their wheels. If, for any reason, your hamster doesn’t like to run on the wheels then you can offer them a hamster ball. 

Safe Run

If you put the ball outside the cage and keep the hamster inside the ball, then they can run inside your house safe by using the hamster ball. You don’t need to worry about the hamster inside the ball. They can’t hit something and hurt themselves.


Running or any exercise is beneficial to hamsters. It removes any obesity or diabetes. This keeps their bodies fit and out of many health issues.

Alternatives to Hamster Balls

Well, there are many other toys that are totally safe for hamsters. You can buy them from any pet store at a very cheap price and your hamsters surely like those toys. So, which toys can be?


A playpen can be a great toy for hamsters. They can play all day and night long without any health issues. A playpen is so much safe that you can just put your hamsters inside the playpen and sit and relax. Remember to put some toys and tidbits inside the pen. It will keep the hamsters inside for quite a long time.


A tunnel is also a fun toy for hamsters. They can run through the tunnel and have fun. It’s like hide and seek to them. But you should allow a good quality of tunnel. Otherwise, the hamsters may hurt themselves while running inside the tunnel.


Yes! You can give them a hammock too! Hamsters will love to sit and relax on the hammock. Some coconut hammocks can be found at the market. Just hang the hammock close to the hamsters, and they will learn to climb and use the hammock.

Things to Consider

As we have seen, the hamster ball has more cons than pros. But it can’t be surely said that your hamster won’t like his ball. He may like the ball other than all the toys. But you must keep a sharp eye while it plays with the ball.

As there are some health issues that can be done by a hamster ball, the toy is not as simple as other toys. If you notice that your hamster is playing in the ball rather than usual without any health issues, then consider it safe. Just check your hamster after running the ball. If you find there is anything unusual, never allow the hamster the ball again.

Wrap Up

So, how to tell if a hamster likes his ball? It ends here. You now know all the pros and cons of hamster balls. There are many alternatives to hamster balls; you can allow the hamster to play with those toys.

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  1. I have had hamsters and gerbils for years and I keep them in one room where they play with the ball they got plenty of room they love it they’re fine when they get out of the ball I’ve had them for years they learn a trail they make a trail with that ball and they know where to come and go they do not get hurt they can breathe and they love the balls I don’t put them in them all the time just for treats and they love it I usually let them play in The Playpen or usually just let him run free on my bed with me while we watch a movie to hardly ever in their cage except to go to sleep best pets ever my baby in my Bella


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