How to Keep A Hamster Cage From Smelling?

If you wish to have a hamster of your own, you must have dreamt some cute memories already. Well, hamsters are cute indeed, and they can be really good pets.

In this world, every good thing and every bad thing stays together. The bad thing about petting a hamster is the smell of the hamster cage. So, when you tend to bring a hamster to house, you need to learn how to keep a hamster cage from smelling at first. 

How to Keep a Hamster Cage From Smelling?

By cleaning a hamster cage once or twice a week can keep the cage from smelling. However, there are also some tricks to keep the cage out of smell, including teaching your hamster.

To know more about smelling and cleaning, stay with the article to the end.

Why Does a Hamster Cage Smell?

First of all, why does a hamster cage smell? Well, hamsters themselves don’t smell that much. They are really clean and can groom themselves all day long.

The acute smell comes from their urines and droppings. This tiny animal can eat a lot and also can poop a lot. And that’s why they smell a lot both inside and outside of their cage.

Do Hamsters Smell Up A Room?

If you keep your hamster cage in your bedroom, then yes, it can stink a lot. Hamsters like to be in a cage for quite a long time. They don’t like to come outside of the cage and eat food. So, both their food and toys need to be inside their cage.

While eating, a hamster can waste some of that food, and its poop will mix up, which smells really bad. And a bedroom usually is not able to remove the smell. 

Guide to Keep A Hamster Cage Out of Smelling

Keeping a hamster cage is important for both removing smell and germs away from your place. Cleaning and deodorizing a hamster cage is not that much hard. Just follow these tips-

  • First, wear gloves to ensure you don’t spread any germs.
  • Then, bring out everything from the cage. The running wheel, bedding, toys, and all other things.
  • Use a mild soap to clean the cage. You can also use dishwashing soap to do this. 
  • Use hot water at first to rinse the cage thoroughly. It will kill all the germs, parasites, or insects.
  • Try a sponge for rubbing the surface of the cage.
  • After washing the cage, keep the cage under direct sunlight. It will remove the bad odor away for quite a long time.
  • You can use a deodorizer later. Baking soda can do this too. Just sprinkle some baking soda, and it’s ready to wash.
  • After cleaning the cage, when you put everything back inside the cage, try to use fresh bedding.
  • Hamsters pee a lot. The urine makes the bedding wet and makes it smelly. So, fresh bedding is an important thing indeed.
  • You can use shredded paper, paper towels, plant based bedding for your hamster.
  • Same goes with the toys and other accessories too. While putting back, rinse those toys and accessories as well.
  • Use a litter box inside the cage of the hamster. Teach your hamster to use the litter box when needed. 
  • For the litter box, use some sands to fill in. Sand takes the smell of urine or droppings quicker than other materials. Also, your hamster will feel comfortable on sand.

If these tips of keeping a hamster cage clean fails, that means the problem is either your hamster or the cage. Check the hamster soon. If it is sick or having digestive issues, it will stink more than usual.

You can understand the health of your hamster by judging the poop. If a hamster is sick or feeling unusual, the poops would be liquid or sticky. And it will make the room and cage too smelly.

So, when you clean the cage or deodorize the place, you also need to keep an eye on the hamster’s health.

How Often A Cage Should Be Cleaned?

Usually it depends on the size of a cage. If you use a normal and available cage from a local pet store, you have to clean it once a week at least. 

As cleaning a hamster cage is time consuming, it’s hard to clean the cage again and again. So, if you wash the cage properly a week, hopefully you won’t find any smell. 

Things to Consider

A hamster is a prey animal. They work hard to find food in the wild. So, when you keep them in your captivity, they find food easily and they eat a lot. 

This much food doesn’t stay longer inside them and they poop a lot. This poop makes the place smelly. It’s totally their basic instinct. They can’t do anything here. However, if your hamster cage is smelly, now you can clean and keep it from smelling by following those tips.

Wrap Up

So, how to keep a hamster cage from cleaning was our question. Now, we have discussed the reasons for the smell and what to do after cleaning a cage. Just try them out and give your hamster a healthy environment. Both your hamster and you will be happy.

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