How to Hold A Hamster Without It Biting You?

If you are a hamster owner, then you already know that holding a hamster is a difficult task to do. A hamster tends to bite or jump away when you try to pick them up or try to hold on to your palm. It’s more difficult for a new hamster owner. So, how to hold a hamster without it biting you? Can you do it?

Yes, you can. In this blog post, we will try to explain how to hold a hamster without it biting you and some tricks to follow for making a bond with your hammy. So, let’s go.

How to Hold a Hamster Without It Biting You?

After washing your hands, by going slowly and picking the hamster with both hands, you can hold a hamster without it biting you. A hamster gets scared easily, and then it bites. Otherwise, hamsters are not aggressive animals that wake up and choose violence. 

To know more tricks to hold a hamster, stay with us to the end.

Do Hamsters Bite?

Yes, hamsters surely bite. Hamsters are prey animals. When a hamster stays in the wild, it has many predators. But when the hamster is in captivity, it is much more secure. Still, a hamster is never out of panic. 

To pet a hamster, you need to choose a calm and quiet place to keep their cage. Loud noise or strong odor makes them stressed and scared. If a hamster panics too much, it may bite back when you try to hold it or pick it up.

Why Do Hamsters Bite?

Hamsters are tiny animals. Their hearing and vision is not that much clearer compared to the large pet animals. 

So, when you approach a hamster, it detects sound and smell but doesn’t get the actual idea of your approach. That’s the time a hamster panics and bites its owner.

Can Hamster Spread Infection by Biting?

No, a hamster doesn’t spread infection by biting, or any severe wound can’t be done by a hamster if you are careful while holding a hamster. 

Some old hamsters carry Salmonella, and that’s a problem. Salmonella is not much acute, though, but it can surely create some sort of sickness.

Do Hamsters Like to be Held?

The answer to this question is not static. Some hamsters like to be held, but there are some hamsters who don’t like the idea of holding at all.

If you can create a bond with your hamster, then it may like to be in your hands. So, do you want to make a good bond with your hamster and hold the hamster without it biting you? Then follow the next one.

Guide to Holding A Hamster

If you have come this far then, you are definitely interested in holding a hamster. But if you have read from the above, then don’t fear. Holding a hamster is not that much difficult. Just follow the steps from below:

  • Take time before trying to hold a hamster. A new hamster needs some time to adjust to the new environment. 
  • Your hamster should have enough space and hideout places inside its cage. 
  • Give a running wheel to your hamster so that it can run and stays in chill mode.
  • Never annoy your hamster by making noises or smells.
  • Wash your hands if you try to hold the hamster. Sometimes a hamster can bite your hand if it gets any food smell from the hands.
  • Go to a quiet place where a hamster can detect you and no other thing. It will learn your movement, your smell, and your intention. Slowly it will start trusting you.
  • Start slowly by giving your hamster some tidbits.
  • After a while, you will know what type of food your hamster likes. Give them that food when you try to reach him.
  • Take some food on your palm and stretch to your hamster cage.
  • The hamster should smell the food and come on your hand for eating.
  • Stretch your hands to the hamster from in front of the hamster. Never try it from the back. A sudden movement will scare your hamster.
  • Don’t move your hands when you feel their nails. A new hamster may intend to nibble at first.
  • Don’t take your arm higher at once. Slowly keep the hands on your lap, and then you can lift it up.
  • If a hamster doesn’t like to stay in your hands, let him go and then try again later.
  • Never press your hamster while holding. It may jump out of your hands and get injured.
  • To hold a hamster, you can use a scoop too. Sprinkle some food inside the scoop and place the scoop on the floor close to your hamster. It will learn how to climb on something, and then after a while, you can try your hands.

Things to Consider

Some hamsters never trust their owners and may never be on hands. So, you need to remember that. If you notice that your hamster doesn’t like to be held at all, then don’t force it. It will not end well. Instead of making good bonds, you may get bitten and scratched by your hamster. 

However, a pet animal like a hamster can be fond of some other things with the owner. Find out how your hamster feels good with you and do it. 


Hamsters are tiny but get annoyed fast. To hold a hamster is a slow work to do. You need to be patient and kind when you tend to do this.  But holding a hamster is one of the good memories you can make. A pet hamster can be a good friend too. Trust your hamster and make your hammy trust you too.

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