Does Hamster Poop Smell?

Anatole France once said- “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”. So, if you are a pet owner, that means a lot actually. You are kind-hearted, without any doubt.

Having a hamster as a pet is not so easy. There are many pros and cons to it. One of the cons is their poops! 

Hamsters are tiny in size but eat a lot. That’s why they poop a lot. But does hamster poop smell? What is the real experience? Let’s find out here.

Does Hamster Poop Smell?

Yes, hamster poop smells a lot. Hamsters themselves don’t have a bad odor though. But their poop and pee is another subject. You can take some steps to keep the smell less acute. 

Stay with the article to the end. You will know about their pooping.

How Much Does a Hamster Poop?

Hamsters poop a lot in a day. You may find droppings every hour. Some people report that their hamsters poop twice an hour. So, it can’t be measured how much poop a hamster usually drops, what we can say it is a lot.

How Do I Get Rid of My Hamster’s Smell?

When you ask- does hamster poop smell? You should keep an eye on their food first. A hamster eats vegetables, fruits, and seeds. These foods are responsible for marking hamster poop smelly.

But you can surely get rid of your hamster poop smell. How? Follow these tips from below.

  • Change Bedding: If you keep your hamster on a soil bedding, you need to change the bedding daily. This type of bedding catches smell quickly and holds smell for a long time. To get rid of stinks, try to clean the bedding. If you can change the whole bedding, it would be far better.
  • Clean The Cage: Cleaning the hamster cage will keep the poop smell away from your room. Hamsters often choose a spot in the cage and drop their poops on that definite spot. Find out the spot and try to clean at once.
  • Keep Water Close to Their Cage: Though hamsters don’t drink a lot. But water in their body can lower the poop smell. Water helps them to digest their food fast. And that’s how they can drop easily and their body functions in a good way. 
  • Feed Fresh Vegetables: Try to feed fresh and green vegetables rather than the vegetables in the fridge. Also, if you find your hamsters are pooping a lot and the smell is very intense, you should quit the food for a while.

How to Clean a Hamster Cage?

Keeping your hamster cage clean will keep the poop smell away. But there are some other benefits of cleaning a hamster cage too. If you want to keep your hamsters healthy, you need to clean their cage. Also, you probably don’t like a dirty cage in your room, right? 

So, here are some simple ways to clean a hamster cage. To clean the cage, you need some materials first-

  • Gloves
  • Bag
  • Towels
  • New Bedding 
  • Water Pipe

Step 1

First, transfer your hamster to another place outside of its cage. You can use a pet carrier or a hamster ball to do this. This will keep your hamster safe and lessen the risk of getting injured.

Step 2

Bring all of your materials and the cage outside of your room and house. Washing inside the house will keep the place stinky for a while. 

Step 3

Now, empty the cage. Remove all the things inside the cage. The running wheel, bedding, water and food bowl, toys, and all other things your hamster has used.

Step 4

Wash the cage thoroughly. Scrub while you use the water pipe to wash. Don’t wash the cage under high pressure. Use vinegar instead of soap or shampoo. Don’t use acute smelly shampoo or soap. Your hamster might not like this type of smell.

Step 5

Wash the bedding properly. Notice if there is any poop sticking or not. If the bedding is in no condition to clean anymore, then change it right now. Also, wash all the toys and food bowls.

Step 6

Don’t put your hamster back in the cage right after cleaning. Keep the cage in sunlight. Acute sunlight will kill the germs of the cage. After keeping the cage under sunlight, the cage will get warm. So, try to cool down the cage after a while. And then you can put your hamster back in the cage with other things.

Do Hamsters Make a Room Smell?

Hamsters themselves do not make any bad odor. But their poop and urine can. So, if you keep your hamster cage inside of your room and don’t clean the cage daily, yes, there you can find a bad smell in your room.

Moreover, if your hamster is having any digestive issues, its droppings will smell much worse than usual. If you notice their droppings are softer than other times and if the poop seems melted, then consider your hamster is having digestive issues. You should change their food and food bowl. It will be better if you rush to the vet.

Can I Keep My Hamster in My Bedroom?

Well, it depends on your mood. If you want to keep your hamster close in your bedroom, none can do anything.

But it is definitely not a good idea to keep a hamster in a bedroom. First of all, you can’t allow a hamster at loose inside your house. The tiny animal might get lost and get into any hole of furniture or heater or any other place you can’t find easily. 

Secondly, they poop a lot, and if you keep their cage inside your room, you definitely end up with a severe bad odor.

Finally, hamsters get disturbed more easily than other pet animals. So, if you keep your hamster inside your bedroom, you have to cut off many things like tv sounds, food smells, and even your body spray!

So, it’s not a wise decision at all to keep your hamster or hamster cage inside your room.

Can A Hamster Groom Itself?

Yes, hamsters are naturally clean animals. They don’t like to stay dirty. All hamsters can groom themselves. Hamsters have scent glands on their backside. They use the oils from these glands to clean all their bodies. This process doesn’t only groom; it kills germs and bacteria on their bodies too.

Things to Consider

Any droppings from animals are not good things. These poops or pee contain bacteria and other harmful objects. If your hamster ends up sticking poops on their bodies, it will suffer a lot after a while. So, is their pooping bad? 

No, you can understand their bodies and other issues by judging their droppings. 

Cleaning the hamster and hamster cage is the most important thing you do to keep your hamster healthy and clean.

Final Words

If you find your hamster smelly. Don’t fear it. Maybe it’s just their poops and urines, not themselves. You just need to clean their cage and living place to keep the hamster and your room odor free.

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