Do Hamsters Need Hay?

Many of us assume that these three mammals are equal: Hamsters, rabbits, and guinea pigs. But that’s not true. Although, they are small in size and look cute. Still, they are different in nature, and their food habit is also not the same.

However, what about hay for hamsters? Do hamsters need hay? In this blog post, we will try to understand the fact.

Do Hamsters Need Hay?

You can give your hamsters hay. But it’s not sure if they will eat hay or not. Because hamsters don’t need hay like rabbits or guinea pigs. Yes, they might chew hay or nibble on it, but hamsters don’t need hay for living.

So, what do they need? What foods do they eat? Stick to the article to the last, and you will know more.

Food Habit of Hamsters

If you are a new owner of a hamster, then you must know their food habit of them. After all, foods and treats can make a good bond with your pet. As hamsters are sensitive and prey animals, so they need soft foods like vegetables, fruits, herbs, and mealworms. Here is an instant list of hamsters’ food:

Vegetables Fruits Herbs
Broccoli Apple Basil
Cabbage Banana Parsley
Carrot Apricot Oregano Sage
Cauliflower Pear Mint
Spinach Berries Dill
Peppers Melon Fennel
Cucumbers Papaya Thyme

These are the foods that hamsters live on. As hamsters are omnivores, they will eat vegetables, leafy greens, fruits, and insects. If you are planning to bring a hamster home as a pet, you must manage these foods for him. You can also offer them some commercial foods too. But only foods? Don’t hamsters need other things?

Sure they do! Let’s check out the next one.

What Do Hamsters Need?

Hamsters are different than other pets. They take time to make a good relationship with their owners. So, there are certain things you can do to comfort your hamster. Usually, hamsters need the following things to live happily:

Bedding and Cage

A comfortable bedding and a large cage is needed for your new hamster. For bedding, you can use wood shavings. Toilet paper, soft paper, and tiny clothes will do also. Moreover, hamsters like to dig in and burrow. If their bedding is soft and comfortable, they will find joy while doing this.

A large cage can make a hamster happy. Hamster needs space to run, hop and play. So, their cage also needs to be spacious. 

Food and Water

We have already suggested foods you can give your hamsters. But keep in mind that a food dish and water bowl are also important. Keep the dishes close to their cage so that they don’t need to search for food. Besides, provide fresh water and check the water bowl after some hours to ensure it’s clean.

Wheel and Toys

Hamsters need a wheel to run. In the wild, hamsters run or walk a lot in search of food. But when it is a pet in your house, it doesn’t get that chance to run or walk. That can cause obesity and other health problems. So, a wheel is needed. Hamsters can run the wheel and enjoy it. They need some other toys too. Like a softball, chewing toys, rings, and tunnels can some great toys for their playing.

So, No Hay for Hamster?

Actually, hamsters don’t need hay as other animals do. Rabbits and guinea pigs need hay every day for a balanced diet. For rabbits, hay is so much important. Of course, hay has some great health benefits.

Hay is rich in fiber and minerals. It also helps animals’ digestive tract as well as their teeth. Hamsters do not need hay for a living but that doesn’t mean you should never offer them hay.

Yes, hay can be a good option for them to chew. Chewing hay can help their dental health. The more they chew hay, they make their teeth stronger. Timothy hay, Alfalfa hay, Meadow hay, Orchard hay, and Grass hay should be perfect for them.

Just put a little hay inside their cage and notice what they do. If they like to eat hay, don’t hesitate to offer more, and if you find out they are not eating the hay, just sitting on it or playing with it, that’s also okay. Just leave them alone with the hay.

Hay Bedding for Hamsters

As we have seen already that hay is not that much essential for hamsters to live on. But you can use hay for hamsters. How?

Yes, you can use hay for bedding. Hay is generally soft and warm. This type of ingredient is great for hamster bedding. Hay absorbs water or any liquid quickly. So, if a hamster pees or splits water on the bedding, it would be no problem. You just choose some spongy hay for the hamster’s bedding, and that’s all.

Can Hay Be Dangerous for Hamsters?

Well, not actually. Hay is not harmful to hamsters’ health. But there are some things to consider. 

Some hamsters would be found to like the hay a lot and some other hamsters can be found that don’t like hay at all. And that happens if your hamsters are allergic to hay. 

Remember, you must choose fresh hay. Not hay, mixing with straw. Straw is dangerous for hamsters. As straw is hard and sharp, hamsters can hurt their toes and bodies while playing around. 

Moreover, dam hay is not suitable for hamsters’ bedding. Wet hay should be removed as soon as possible. Otherwise, this can make the hamster’s place shabby and smelly, which your hamster definitely won’t like.

And if hay is hard and rough, hamsters also have a problem. So, try to provide some soft hay. You can find them in local pet stores.

Final Words

Pet hamsters are no different than wild hamsters. So, you also treat them as wild hamsters live. Wild hamsters do not need hay, and pet hamsters also don’t. But there are some useful sides of hay too. As a responsible owner, you can use hay for the betterment of your hamsters.

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