Do Hamsters Like to Be Alone?

“Do hamsters like to be alone?”- this question must have come to your mind because you may have seen some hamsters here and there, and they were lonely every time!

Or I guess you are preparing yourself to get a new hamster, and this question is obvious. Well, whatever it is, we are going to discuss the matter today. Let’s find out the truth behind- Do Hamsters Like to Be Alone?

 Do Hamsters Like to Be Alone?

No, not really. Hamsters can be both good pets and good friends for their owners. But they should not be kept in a group or with other animals. If they are out of choices and have to live with other animals or their same species, a brutal fight would happen, which is really nasty!

But, how come they create a good bond with their owner but not with other animals or hamsters? Stay tuned for the answer.

Do Wild Hamsters Live Alone?

The answer to the question is both yes and no. Yes- because there are some hamsters that can be seen that they are enjoying their life on their own. They are not searching for other companies, and they are just concerned about their food and living place. Sounds weird, right?

On the other hand, there are also some hamsters that can be seen they are living happily together. However, there can still be fights or aggressive behavior from hamsters are also seen.

Why Do Hamsters like to Be Alone?

As we see- hamsters are really tiny among all the animals we generally pet. They are so small and weak, so they have so many predators out there. They get scared easily, and that makes them territorial.

They use their claws and teeth to attack whatever comes close when they are scared. Hamsters are not such socially able animals, so they don’t like to share food or space with other animals or with their own species. This is why you should keep hamsters in different cages if you have more than one hamster.

Syrian Hamster- The Only Lonely Pet

Have you heard about the Syrian hamster? Well, this is the only animal that really lives alone! Syrian hamsters can never share their home and food with other hamsters, even with their own siblings.

They become so much aggressive and start fighting when some other hamsters start getting closer. Well, you can tame them, but they are never out of their nature.

One more thing- Syrian hamsters are large in numbers in the hamster world. So, when we see any hamster in any pet shop or shopping mall, there is a high chance that the hamster is a Syrian breed.

Do Hamsters Get Depressed When Lonely?

The answer is difficult. Hamsters show their boredom or anger easily, but if they are depressed, it’s really hard to find out. However, hamsters choose their own lifestyle. They really love to stay alone. That makes them selfish, but they are okay with that.

However, you can detect if your hamster is unhappy or bored. If you notice any of the followings, consider they are either bored or feeling unhappy:

  • Biting the cage.
  • Sitting on the sandbox.
  • Making noises like squeaking.
  • Staying inactive for quite a long time.
  • Trying to escape the cage.

If any of these happen with your hamster, then you can be sure that your hamster is feeling unhappy or bored.

How to Keep Hamsters Happy?

Do hamsters like to be alone? – yes, but they never compromise their living place or food. As an owner of hamsters, you must keep some things in mind that make your hamsters happy.

Bigger Cages

Bigger cages can make your hamsters happy, as we have already told you that you must keep your hamsters in different cages. While doing this, we often can’t manage big cages and keep hamsters in small places. If you can provide your hamster with a big cage, it can run, toss around, and play in a larger space. That would make the hamster happy.

A Complete Diet

If you provide your hamsters with a complete diet, your hamsters will be happier than ever. As prey animals, hamsters have to search for food discreetly at night. They need to walk and run a lot for food. While in captivity, you are their owner, and it’s your responsibility to manage their food. A complete diet of hay, nuts, boiled eggs, vegetables, and commercial foods will make them happy. Provide fresh water every time you give them food.

A Running Wheel

As you have been informed, wild hamsters usually walk or run a lot to find food. So, running is their basic instinct. But when you pet them, they don’t get the chance to run. So, please give them a running wheel in order to run when they will, and that will also work as an exercise for their tiny body.

A Comfortable Bedding

Hamsters love to dig and burrow. So, their bedding should be deep and easy to dig in. You can use wood shavings, toilet paper, soft hay, and timothy hay to make safe bedding for the hamster.

Do Hamsters Bond with Their Owners?

Like all other pets, hamsters also love their owners. But the way of showing love can be a bit different than other animals. If you are a new owner with a new hamster, it would be more difficult.

However, do you want to hear a secret? Try to bring a hamster from the pet shop when the hamster is under 5-6 weeks. At this stage, the hamsters are so naive and make a good bond with its owner quickly. Follow the steps below to make a good bond with your hamster.


Fulfill your hamster’s every requirement, meaning the home, the food, and the toys that a hamster needs to live happily. You must provide the hamster with all of that. That’s the first stage your hamster starts trusting you.


Don’t get closer when your hamster is relaxing or sleeping. They don’t like to get bothered when they are sleeping or resting. Even your petting would make them feel uncomfortable. You can touch and pet the hamster when it’s awake and active.


Never pick up your hamster all of a sudden. It scares them. Slowly put your hand close to the door of the cage. If your hamster is likely to come out and sit on your hand, it will do on its own. Don’t push them ever. That will worsen the situation and relationship.


If your hamster comes out of its cage and climbs on your hand, you may find some strong and sharp grip of its claws. Sometimes, it may also bite and nibble on you. Please stay calm, and the hamster will get comfortable with your hand and will don’t do it again and again. Just be patient, that’s all.


Give them treats. They will feel rewarded and start loving you at once. You can give them nuts, carrots, cucumbers, peas, apples, and other greens as a treat.

Final Words

As humans, hamsters can also be different characters. What type of your hamsters are you? Do hamsters like to be alone? Or are they jolly and playful with you? You can find out easily when you spend time with them. If your hamster is likely to stay alone, don’t force him. Instead, you can follow the tips we have suggested in this article to keep your hamster happy.

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