How to Make Hamster Wheel Quiet?

How to Make Hamster Wheel Quiet

Different peoples in this world have different tastes in everything. In the sector of ‘Pet’, we all are different from each other. Some like their pets to be active and playful. Also, there are some who like their pets to be calm and quiet.  Less noisy pets like rabbits, hamsters, and turtles are no less … Read more

Are Hamster Bites Dangerous?

Are Hamster Bites Dangerous

If you are already an owner of hamsters, then you already know that hamsters bite or tend to bite when you try to pet them or pick them up. Or if you are planning to bring a hamster then you must know hamsters do bite.  But, are hamster bites dangerous? Or is there no problem? … Read more

How to Tell if Hamster Likes His Ball?

How to Tell if Hamster Likes His Ball

The hamster ball has gone through many controversies in recent years. There are some people who claim that hamsters like hamster balls, and there are also some people who claimed that hamsters were going to be killed by the hamster ball. But what about the hamster itself? Does the hamster-like his ball? Today we are … Read more

Do Hamsters Run on Wheels When Stressed?

Do Hamsters Run on Wheels When Stressed

Do you know hamsters can run or walk almost 5 miles or 10 kilometers at a stretch every night? Yes, they really do that. This seems they are born for running or walking! But do hamsters run on wheels when stressed? Because while they are our pets, they keep running and running a lot! What’s … Read more

Why is My Hamster Trying to Kill Itself?

Why is My Hamster Trying to Kill Itself

There are many stories of hamsters being suicidal we hear from people out there. You may have also heard about it somewhere. And if you’re unaware of this, yes, this happened and still happens sometimes. You may have never expected this information, but it is still there. So, why does a hamster try to kill … Read more

Do Hamsters Need Hay?

Do Hamsters Need Hay

Many of us assume that these three mammals are equal: Hamsters, rabbits, and guinea pigs. But that’s not true. Although, they are small in size and look cute. Still, they are different in nature, and their food habit is also not the same. However, what about hay for hamsters? Do hamsters need hay? In this … Read more

Do Hamsters Like to Be Alone?

Do Hamsters Like to Be Alone

“Do hamsters like to be alone?”- this question must have come to your mind because you may have seen some hamsters here and there, and they were lonely every time! Or I guess you are preparing yourself to get a new hamster, and this question is obvious. Well, whatever it is, we are going to … Read more