Why is My Hamster Breathing Fast While Sleeping?

Why is My Hamster Breathing Fast While Sleeping

Hamsters are both cute and entertaining. When you come back home and find that tiny animal is running on a wheel or sleeping, you must feel happy. Though hamsters sleep a lot, and that even happens during the daytime. They are usually active at night. But if you see your hamster is sleeping and breathing … Read more

How to Keep A Hamster Cage From Smelling?

How to Keep a Hamster Cage From Smelling

If you wish to have a hamster of your own, you must have dreamt some cute memories already. Well, hamsters are cute indeed, and they can be really good pets. In this world, every good thing and every bad thing stays together. The bad thing about petting a hamster is the smell of the hamster … Read more

How to Empty Hamster Cheek Pouch?

How to Empty Hamster Cheek Pouch

A mouthful hamster looks cute. When you keep food inside of a hamster cage, you can see that the hamster takes the food inside as much as it can. Some of that food stays in their cheek pouch. Yes, hamsters are able to store food inside them and can have them when they want to. … Read more

Why Does My Cat Watch My Hamster?

Why Does My Cat Watch My Hamster

If you are an owner of a cat and have just brought a new hamster into your house or if you tend to bring a hamster into the house, you need to learn some things. Hamsters and cats are totally different animals. To be frank, cats are the predators of hamsters.  Cats can attack hamsters … Read more

Does Hamster Poop Smell?

Does Hamster Poop Smell

Anatole France once said- “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”. So, if you are a pet owner, that means a lot actually. You are kind-hearted, without any doubt. Having a hamster as a pet is not so easy. There are many pros and cons to it. One of … Read more

How Long Can A Lost Hamster Survive?

How Long Can a Lost Hamster Survive

Tiny animals like hamsters are always cute. When you come back home and notice a very cute animal is enjoying inside your room on a wheel, running, eating, or making happy sounds- it makes you so happy.  A hamster can be only 2-4 inches which means 5.5 to 11 cm long. Very tiny, right? Here … Read more

Do Hamsters Sleep with Their Eyes Open?

Do Hamsters Sleep with Their Eyes Open

If you have a hamster, then you must enjoy its existence near you. But being an owner of hamsters is not an easy task to do. There are a lot of issues an owner has to face.  Hamsters are sensitive. Their food habits, sleeping routine, body language- everything is different from other pets. Following this, … Read more

Will A Rabbit Attack a Hamster?

Will a Rabbit Attack a Hamster

If you want to keep two different animals together in your home, then you must consider some things and follow some tips. Following that, if you have pet rabbits already and you want to bring hamsters, then this post is just for you. Though rabbits and hamsters both look alike, there are many dissimilarities. From … Read more